bill the plumber

Our kitchen faucet sprung a leak so Bill the Plumber came by.  (We joke that we may have to adopt him, he’s been here so often lately with one problem and another.)  He’s a middle-aged white guy.  Chatting after the repair was done, he said “I’ll be so glad when the election is over.”  We kind of made careful noises to each other and I said something like, “I don’t know who you support,” and he said, “I’ll tell you if you want” and I said “OK” and he said “Barack.”  I said me too.  And then we chatted.  He said he thinks McCain is offering no programs, just attacks.  He also said he has a half-Black daughter-in-law and can’t stand racist attacks, spending some time on that theme, saying “of course all of us have some of that” but then going on about how can people go to church and then come home spouting that stuff.  He complained about one customer who spouts vile racist stuff and how he warns the boss that if the guy says that stuff while he’s around, he’s going to go off on him, because this is in the family and it is personal.  Then he said he has a son in the military who has been in Iraq twice, and his son and most of the guys in the military are going to vote for McCain because they are concerned about just pulling the troops out, and he said he and his son have talked about issues and they see each other’s point of view.  He says he tells his son, “I understand what you are saying, but as a parent, I don’t want you sent over there.”  And they agree they are going to vote differently.  He also said he’s obsessively watching television and going crazy, and I told him to stay off the Internet, or he’d never get any sleep.