factual question about going to trial

There are some criminologists among the scatterplotters. Can you help? In my county, my analysis of court records showed that in a recent year only 31 of 2663 (1.2%) criminal cases involving at least one felony charge went to trial, and only 11 of 5306 misdemeanor cases (0.2%) went to trial. For the cases involving a felony charge, 80% involved a guilty plea on at least one charge (which may not have been the felony) while 19.3% had neither a guilty plea nor a trial, i.e. charges were dismissed one way or another; for the misdemeanor-only cases, 85% involved a guilty plea and 14.8% had neither a guilty plea nor trial. Are these numbers comparable to other places? Everybody in the system knows that most cases are pled out, but even the lawyers here think the percent going to trial is extremely low. There are suggestions that the overworked prosecutor’s office does everything it can to avoid trials. I know I could research this question in the literature, but I’m hoping that someone who lectures on this can tell me what the “usual” percentages are.