of fads, fashions, and hamsters

The “got to have” toy this holiday season is the Zhu Zhu Hamster.   I started hearing about them from a friend’s kids last week.  They move around randomly all over the floor, make little clicking chatty noises, and -best of all – don’t require cleanup.   They’re also cheap at $8, IF you can find them at a toy store.  On the internet, typical price skyrocketing is pushing them up to $50 or $60 each.

I remember the Cabbage Patch Kid craze well (as well as the dolls that then sat against the wall, un-played with, for several years).   I remember Tickle Me Elmo a few years ago. I remember the Beanie Babies.  I remember tulips from my Econ101 class.

Now, I’m looking forward to watching Hamster-mania play out on Black Friday.  It’s kind of fun to just sit back and watch the madness of this scenario playing out over and over and over again.