if not thankful, glad

It’s not Thanksgiving up here, and perhaps that’s for the best. I was so sick with a stomach virus that I had to cancel my undergrad class on Thursday, although my grad class could carry on without me. I have been various degrees of horizontal since Wednesday, and every time I feel better, I eat a little something and then I feel a little worse. I guess that’s how stomach viruses go.

Still, I’m glad that Husband was around to take good care of me, and that the 4 or so other people whose help I needed to keep my work obligations together also stepped up. And although I feared the worst when Kid hurled up his oatmeal this morning, a short nap and a day of cartoons on the couch seems to have him feeling much better. I am glad for that.

So, I am missing my hockey game right now, and I really hate to cancel class, but the timing could have been much worse: Monday is our semester review, and after that, awesome travel. I guess I’m glad I am coming up out of it rather than heading into it.

the path to parenthood, or not

I am at a crossroads. On the one hand, my spouse and I are excited to begin the preparations for having a second child. We really like our first one, and we’re just about coming up for air now that he is getting close to school age. He wants a sibling, and we always wanted two kids (except for that brief period when our son was 0-3 years old, when we were very very certain that one was plenty).

On the other hand, I am worried. Continue reading “the path to parenthood, or not”

countdown to the montréal apple store opening

Husband twitters that there are five people in line for the grand opening of the shiny new Apple Store in Montréal, which begins this evening at 5pm. It is the first store to open in Quebec, and it comes at a time when iTunes has more francophone content than ever.

Husband has arranged a number of live performances from bands and solo musicians to kick off the store opening, and starting tomorrow when The Stills play, there will be a month-long music spree there on the 2nd floor of the store, right next to the genius bar. The events recall a time when record stores were a place people would hang out and you could sometimes see a local band play for free–the nostalgic side of digital music.

big boy bed

“Why isn’t anyone blogging?” seems to be the question of the month. My own response is that I have been soaking in the pleasant bubble bath of mundane life: writing, recruiting participants for a study, hanging out with family. It’s super boring, and I LOVE it.

Among the happenings here in the now sunny and warm north is the Kid’s completion of his first year of preschool. His school ended with a Spring Concert, in which his class sang the national anthem and My Dog Rags. The next day, the school had Games Day in the park, at which Husband took 647 photos.

Much effort was put into securing and assembling Kid’s new Big Boy Bed, which (surprisingly smoothly) replaced his toddler bed. Just when he was feeling a little like he might fall off the edge of this new bed, he dozed off. Any lingering worries have been surpassed by his pride in the new bed, which he has shown off to all visitors in the last few days.

downed by the dishes

I’m out in sunny California, checking in on my folks and giving my sister a break from caregiving. Things here are much less chaotic than my last visit, when my mom was in a car accident. She’s much better now, and Mom & Dad have caregivers who drop by every day for cooking, laundry and errand running. It’s all working out very nicely, although my sister is on constant call, and my folks keep everyone on their toes with the sort of shenanigans that only those with dementia can think up.

I was so proud of myself flying out, letting my sister get a little vacation in, and taking over from the caregivers for a week. Knowing that I should let my folks keep as much independence as possible, I was happy to let my dad pitch in with the chores. But, it seems that last night, there were just too many dishes in the sink. Continue reading “downed by the dishes”

delegation resolutions

Well, I’m inspired. All the workflow gurus agree that setting a reasonable, actionable goal, logging your progress, and giving yourself incentives to follow it are the keys to resolution success. My prediction is that Jeremy is well on his way to fitness. I would also like to be fit, and so I considered following along.

And then it hit me. I would be donating so much money to Really Bad Thing at the end of 2008. And, worse yet, it would be coming out of Kid’s college fund. Why? Continue reading “delegation resolutions”