life gamification project: goals brunch

The premise of our life gamification project is to provide lots of microincentives to do more of the small things we’d like to do more often. For it to work, we need to revisit these incentives regularly and think about what we’re trying to accomplish, what’s working, what we’d like to change.

So we invented an institution: Goals Brunch. Every Sunday morning, we go to a restaurant and think about our goals. We bring along notebooks and scribble reflections while we eat.

Goals Brunch has three phases: Continue reading “life gamification project: goals brunch”

life gamification project: how we earn points

(Second in a series.) I said my beloved and I are having a good run with a system where every day our goal is to score 100 points. How do we get points?

Our core idea: instead of making any big resolutions, we provide small incentives for doing things that we’d like to do more often. Right now, I have 67 different ways that I can earn points. More, in fact, once you break everything down. I am not making this up.

Here are some of the non-work related things I can get points for: Continue reading “life gamification project: how we earn points”