morality and markets

Somewhere recently I was reading about moral markets (e.g., making purchase decisions for moral reasons. ) Sadly now I can’t remember where that was…. but nevertheless I was thinking of it when I received an email from the Coalition of Imokalee Workers (CIW) juxtaposing the behaviors of Aramark and Publix with regard to the CIW’s demands for justice for tomato farmworkers in Florida. The CIW website currently has the article up, but I can’t figure out how to link directly to that article. The important links are to this editorial and this article. This is an interesting real-world dispute over the market vs. nonmarket preferences in governing organizational behavior.

inequality on crooked timber

Is everyone paying attention to the excellent series of posts on inequality and how to reduce it by Lane Kenworthy over on Crooked Timber? It’s very interesting. If the ManlyManStompGruntCrushKill comment thread over there is a little much for your delicate sensibilities, try reading the same posts from his own blog, where the discussion is much more civilized.