isn’t it about time for another mario kart party?

No, not yet. You are still on winter break, after all, and then you have to get something in for the ASA. I know! Why not reward ourselves for our good work just after the ASA deadline, say Friday, January 16? Or is that American 3-day weekend going to get in our way? Probably.

Okay, then: Friday, January 23rd, 8pm EST. Who’s with me?

the president-elect has game

The Chicago Tribune has a column on Barack Obama as a basketball player.

But Obama, to borrow a playground term, is a “baller”—a player, even at age 47, of a populist, sweat-inducing, real sport and the possessor, to judge from the video of him in action, of no small amount of game. (He played Sunday at the University of Chicago Lab School.)

If you think that doesn’t mean something to those of us who continue to play pickup ball well past our physical primes, think again.

Well, it just so happens that one or two of those old ballers are sociologists, one of whom was quoted in the article: Continue reading “the president-elect has game”

friday kid blogging: a postmodern moment

Husband and Kid are on the floor of the kitchen hallway, playing a game in which hockey cards are players and a penny is the puck:

Husband: I scored!
Kid: No, you didn’t.
Husband: Let’s check the computer.

(Husband and Kid each open pretend laptops to check the slow-motion replay)

Husband: The computer says it’s a goal!
Kid: My computer says no goal!

happy canada day!

Here’s to same-sex marriages, universal health care, and curling! Today, we’ll have Pancake Breakfast at the Dundas Driving Park, hang out with some friends, and watch the fireworks over Lake Ontario–Kid’s first fireworks ever. Yesterday, we picked our own strawberries and played some hockey in the back yard.

At this rate, I’ll be Canadian by Labour Day.

husband gets the glory

Since there were no sociologists in attendance at the Kathleen Edwards show in Madison (I’m looking at you, OW), I’m going to have to bring the goods to you in the following video. This particular song may be a little too Canadian for everyone except Ken–if so, please click over to the Cheapest Key video–but I have to show you this one, because Husband is in the video, right down there! He’s the goalie on Kathleen’s team; isn’t he cute?

dino world!

This weekend, while the blog was self-absorbed in a lull, we were out filling our brains with knowledge about every 4-year-old’s favorite creatures: dinosaurs. It was a very special day, because we even got to bring along Kid’s Friend, who knows everything there is to know about the dinos.

Among the things we learned yesterday: flying dinos did not go extinct, and they are the ancestors of today’s birds. Who knew? There was also an exhibit on evolution, which was mostly about the life of Charles Darwin and the way he puzzled through information about species, space, difference and sameness to come to his understanding of natural selection. Alas the Kids were not as interested in this exhibit as I was. Perhaps another day.

(Jeremy, is there an extra virtual kewpie doll lying around the blog for the first person to correctly guess the dino in the photo?)

baby peach, report to the starting gate

The Scatterplot International Mario Kart Wii Party is only a week away, and we all need to get those codes to each other in advance of the party date, since the WiiInternet is as wonky as a mongoose in a mango tree. If we don’t do it in advance, we’ll spend the whole evening troubleshooting instead of hitting each other with lightning bolts.

So far, we’ve got interest from people across the US, across the Atlantic, and in the true north strong and free. Pony up those codes, and we’ll be in business on May 30. Comments or email are both ok.

the bats are back

Last summer, back before scatterplot was a twinkle in Jeremy’s eye, I was writing about how I was batty over bats in our new house. Well, the snow just melted a few days ago, but apparently that’s good enough for bat season to start all over again.

I spotted this little guy this afternoon when a door-to-door gutter cleaning service* interrupted my writing. This one’s outside, but since we didn’t do anything to batproof our house other than wait for the cold, cold winter to freeze the critters into hibernation, it’s just a matter of time before we have a midnight visitor again. Since a case of rabies isn’t in my summer plans, I guess I will put that on my To Do list.

*How great is that? Delegate the gutter cleaning without even pressing ten digits on my telephone. Done!