in search of alternatives.

Because inclement weather is a given around these parts during the winter, I’m having to switch up the first day of my social inequality class a bit. Because I’ve found scatterbrains so helpful with course related questions before, I thought it would be a good idea to pose this one here as well. Continue reading “in search of alternatives.”

ask a scatterbrain (jr. faculty edition): talking theory

In a comment on the job talk thread, I confessed that I struggle to communicate with students what exactly I am looking for when I want them to make explicit their theoretical contribution. My struggle usually comes when students have an interesting case that they want to study and perhaps a field site tied to that. They get tied up in the case itself, rather than using that case to answer larger questions that might contribute something to some subfield of sociology.  Continue reading “ask a scatterbrain (jr. faculty edition): talking theory”