desperately seeking drek

Hello, my name is...
Hello, my name is...

Some of you are probably reading this post with a sense of deep foreboding. I promise you, that unease is justified as I am, indeed, posting on Scatterplot. Those who know me are, of course, already struggling to hold back their horror at my appearance. For those who are unfamiliar with my past escapades, don’t worry: you will learn soon enough.

How did this state of affairs come to pass? How is it that I am posting on Scatterplot? Well, rather than simply tell you, I will allow you to choose your favorite from two possible options.

Option A: At the recent Scatterplot Party at the ASAs I plied Tina and Jeremy with liquor and praise until, in a moment of weakness, one of them gave me the keys to the blog. And like all good one-night stands, it’s now coming back to haunt them and the ones they care about.

Option B: The Scatterbrains had a secret meeting at the ASAs to discuss the state of the blog. They realized that Scatterplot has become a bastion of erudition and intelligent conversation, dominating the socioblogging world alongside the dreaded Orgtheory. In the hopes of finally becoming the true socioblogging hegemon, however, they realized they needed something else. They needed to exploit the disaffected twenty-something jerk market segment. They needed to start writing posts that were juvenile, foolish, and generally beneath the dignity of sociology. And so they called me.

I think these are both good options to explain my presence but, if you want to be really fancy, give appropriate props to my pal Werner and just believe them both. Think of it as a sort of causal superposition.

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