ATL confidential

Okay, so, here’s the thing: we’re going to Atlanta for the ASAs this year. We all know that. And, as with any ASA, there are all kinds of reasons either to go or not to go. I get that. Heck, I often look for good excuses to skip the ASAs. The thing is, though, why do so many of us seem so annoyed about the fact that the ASAs are in Atlanta specifically? Seriously, I’ve lost track of the number of sociologists I’ve heard refer to the city with a sneer in their voice, as though Atlanta is somehow beneath their dignity. But why?
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a bold look for a bold journal

So, like many of you, I recently received the latest issue of the American Sociological Review. This is evidently the first issue to ship from the new editorship and I’m pleased to see that a number of interesting-looking articles are in it. At the same time, I was somewhat surprised by the new look:

That’s definitely a bold change from the sorts of covers we’ve seen previously, and I’m forced to commend the willingness to move in a new direction. And yet, I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve seen this sort of thing somewhere before. Why does this cover seem so familiar?

And then it hit me…
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a thing of beauty

We’ve all had them: those annoying students who arrive to class late, leave early, fall asleep during lectures, and step out of tests so that they can get a big gulp from the local 7-11.* We put up with this bad behavior largely because it comes with the academic territory. Sometimes, though, our less than ideal students choose to chastise us for not allowing them to be even more less than ideal. And sometimes, just sometimes, one of us responds in a way so beautiful, you just have to be impressed. This is one of those times.
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it’s a trap!

“You know, no matter how many votes he garners, Admiral Ackbar is never going to be the mascot.”

“Because it’s Mississippi and it sounds like he’s Arab?”

“No, because of a little thing called ‘copyright.’ There’s no way Lucasfilm would agree to grant the rights.”

“Well, maybe George Lucas will be nice. But then there’d still be the problem that it sounds like he’s Arab.”

“I would think the fact that Ackbar is essentially a fish-man* would put a stop to that. Unless people think that Arabs ARE fish-men, in which case we have a much bigger problem than I thought.”


* Yes, yes, I know: Admiral Ackbar is a Mon Calamari and, therefore, is more of a squid-man. Seriously, give me a break.