a new spin on an old favorite

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of vacation mail notices.  Ordinarily, people say either they are going to be slow responding while they are away or that they won’t respond until they return.  But the two below two basically state that because the email was received while they are away, that they probably won’t respond at all!

(1) I will be out of the office until January 19 and often not reading email during that time.  So I may not respond to your message when I return.

(2) I will be away from the office from January 14, 2009 through January 20, 2009 with limited access to email.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact XXXXXX for assistance.  Otherwise, please resend your message after January 19th.

I think from now on, I will use this kind of message when I leave the office at 5:00.

i’m pink, therefore i’m spam

In case you were wondering how the October of Pink turned out, I want to report that thanks to many good souls including some of our scatterfriends, I raised slightly over $2800 by wearing pink all month!  This culminated on the final day when I wore ALL pink and rode a pink bike all over campus collecting a few extra donations along the way.  For your amusement, I give you me and my partner in crime, Mo, all gussied up for our campus tour:


what page is that on?

Today I picked up a magazine. The Table of Contents was found on page 96. Choosing the next 30 pages, 97-126, as a sample, I discovered that exactly two of them contained page numbers. Both of these page numbers were on pages containing material not covered in the table of contents (one was a continuation of an article that began before the Table of Contents, the other was the second page of the Table of Contents!). We know why page numbers are missing–so we have to see ads while we’re searching. But given all this, I do wonder why they even bother with the Table of Contents at all.

pink in october

Hey scatterbrains:  This October our College goes on a big fundraising drive for cancer services.  This year I’m trying to rev up the fun and energy around the drive by wearing pink to work every work day during October.  And I’ve established a little blog to explain what I’m doing, post pictures of what I wear, and of course, solicit pledges.  Check it out here: http://indeliblepink.blogspot.com/

it’s all downhill after the first day

So, how am I holding up under the administrative yoke, you may ask (or not, but the answer will come anyhow). The truth is that the job is demanding–mostly people demanding money for their projects and initiatives, that is, but the position has its satisfactions and successes. As when I chaired my department, however, I think my greatest success came on my first day.

Rewind to four years ago when I started chairing the sociology department and was confronted with an opportunity to address a frustration that has plagued all of us in academia, day-in and day-out: crappy staplers. Continue reading “it’s all downhill after the first day”

email victory

Way back in May, I reported my attempt to achieve the unthinkable: the zero message e-mail inbox. Mine had swollen to 1300 messages and I had to try to cut it down to get my sanity back. At this time of that report, it seemed like the goal was well within reach. I’d progressed all the way down to 18 messages and summer was about to arrive, ushering in a period of at least slightly diminished traffic. Alas, it was not meant to be. Despite working on this goal every single day since then, I have never been able to get there. A couple of weeks ago, I was flirting with victory and made it all the way down to only two messages–but then vacation struck, and although I read and dispensed with messages every day while traveling, the residue climbed, to 35, 42, 82, 99, and topped back out at 140. But Continue reading “email victory”

#28: Ripcord

Those few of you who read my now-deceased blog, Blue Monster, may be wondering how I am doing keeping up with my new year’s resolution of doing 50 things in 2008 that I have never done before. I won’t bore you with all of them, but I thought some might enjoy a peek at number 28:

two addictions, both named blue monster

Four days ago, I decided to close my blog. Be warned, fellow bloggers, it is incredibly hard to quit. I’ve never felt more motivated to blog than I have the past four days, and so I’m wimping out on my cold turkey approach and going for the blogger “patch,” a post on scatterplot (I hope no scatterbrains are insulted by this analogy). So I began to consider what would be appropriate for my first post-Blue Monster post, and given that Jeremy invoked the drink, Blue Monster, in his eulogy, I thought, “why not?” After all, I probably did as much caffeine blogging as I did soc blogging! Continue reading “two addictions, both named blue monster”