sunday morning sociology, catterplot edition

In case you needed another reason to switch to R. Source.

Time for our second edition of Sunday Morning Sociology! This is a weekly link round-up of sociological work – by sociologists, referencing sociologists, or just of interest to sociologists. It’s been a particularly rich week for long reads (or else I’ve been particularly avoiding other tasks), so I’m going to break up the links into a few categories to make them a bit more readable. Let me know what you’d most like to see in this space!

Medical Sociology, STS, and Expertise

Historical Perspectives on Race

Sex and Gender

Take, for instance, that presumption — apparently supported by science — that men are more enthusiastic risk-takers than women. … ‘Although women routinely take risks, these often seem to slip under the research radar. For example, with divorce rates hovering close to 50 percent, being the one to quit or scale back your job when children arrive is a significant economic risk. Going on a date can end in sexual assault. Leaving a marriage is financially, socially and emotionally risky. In the United States, being pregnant is about 20 times more likely to result in death than is a sky dive.’

Masculinity, Sexism and the New(?) Right

Higher (and Lower) Ed

The Present Political Moment

The Quantification of Everything

See you all next Sunday! And let me know what you think of this format, and if you see anything worth adding to next week’s list.

Author: Dan Hirschman

I am a sociologist interested in the use of numbers in organizations, markets, and policy. For more info, see here.

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