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The ASA annual meeting app is here.* It works really well, but only after you do an acrobatic double login to sync the schedule you set up in the ASA online program. Here is how:

  1. Download the app (duh).
  2. Opening the app prompts a login. This is not your normal ASA login! This is a special login for the app that consists of your email address and the super-secret password that is displayed on the Member Portal page of the ASA’s e-noah website.
  3. Wait for the app to update.
  4. Select the Settings icon on the blue Dashboard bar.
  5. Select “Online Program Schedule Sync.”**
  6. A second login is required. This login is your usual ASA Member Portal login, not the one described above.
  7. Enjoy the app!

*This link may take you to the iTunes Canada store, but you know how to find an app in the store that works for you.

**I assume you’ve already logged in online and added things to “My Schedule” in the ASA Online Program. Otherwise, the only program items that will sync are the ones ASA has you listed for, such as your own presentation.

2 thoughts on “asa app advice”

  1. The app works. Interesting factoid. I complained to ASA* a couple of weeks ago because the calendar in it was in micro-font. My old eyes could not read the times at the side at all, and the calendar entries were barely legible to me. Today when I opened the app, the font was much bigger. I don’t know whether the change in font size is due to something else I did on my phone or whether somebody responded to my gripe.

    *The main point of the communication was sending screen shots back and forth until the feature in My Schedule got turned on to download the calendar. Jamie at ASA was telling me I could just the app and I was explaining why that wasn’t really working for me.

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  2. I did offer to beta test the app before they made it public, but the ASA turned me down. I hope that a few of us can shake out these trouble spots (not so much bugs as annoyances) in time for the majority of users to have a trouble-free app experience.


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