“let me tell you why not to quit”

Academic “quit lit” is a large and probably growing genre. We’ve all seen it, agreed with some bits, disagreed with others. Today, I read a new essay in reaction to quit lit by Matthew Pratt Guterl that I found moving: What to Love. Here’s how it opens:

Let me tell you what to love.

Let me tell you why to stick it out.

Let me tell you why not to quit.

Like Tressie MC’s critique of quit lit, Guterl objects to the hyper focus on work and the individual. Read the whole thing, it’s short, and hopefully you’ll find it as inspiring as I did.

Author: Dan Hirschman

I am a sociologist interested in the use of numbers in organizations, markets, and policy. For more info, see here.

4 thoughts on ““let me tell you why not to quit””

  1. “Because other realities are out there. Other landscapes for you to inhabit….. Universities or departments or even just small groups of people, driven to treat adjuncts fairly, to hail contingent colleagues as equals, to give staff people dignity. ”

    A utopian space where people with lifelong guaranteed jobs are “driven” to treat others as their “equals.” Sounds magical. Are they actively working for equal pay, minimal job security, or health care for their imagined “equals?”

    Is this lost on anyone?


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