use the asa app with this one weird trick!

This year, the ASA meetings will have an app with more features than you can shake a stick at. If you are a careful planner and be sure to log in when browsing the online program, you can add sessions to your schedule, and they will automatically download to a calendar feature on your app.

There are also maps of each floor of the hotels, so it will be much easier to find your way around. I haven’t tried it yet, but it even boasts a feature to give you directions to a particular room. If you know the author of a paper at the session you are heading to next, you can search for their name, find the session, and click a button to take you straight to the map of the hotel rooms to find your way.

All this and more, but you can’t get to any of it unless you login to the Members Only section of the ASA website. There, if you are registered for the meeting, you will see this message:

asa messageClick the link, and you will be given the password for the app. Your UserID is the same one as you used to log in to the ASA website. Once logged in, your app becomes functional.

Please pass on this info far and wide.

6 thoughts on “use the asa app with this one weird trick!”

  1. Are you saying that this time you can plan a program from a computer and then see if from your phone later? Can you log in from a computer and then have the “app” work on a phone later? Is the “app” really an app this time, or a mobile-friendly web site again? Or do you have to do everything from inside the phone app?


    1. Yes, you can definitely plan a program from a computer and see it on your own. Here is how:
      -Online, *make sure you log on* and then add sessions to your “personal schedule” (as far as I can tell, if you are not logged in, the saving of sessions to your schedule seems like it is happening, but it just goes into the ether.
      -In the app, it’s a two-step process. First, you have to log in with the special password that I describe above. Then, the app will load. Second, you must log in with your regular ASA login, and all the sessions you have saved into your personal schedule will load onto a calendar within the app.

      As far as I can tell, this is a really useful feature that is connected to your schedule, as well as the location of the room you need to get to.

      The app is now a real app, not a mobile-friendly website. It, and all the information, resides on your phone regardless of being connected to the web.

      I *think* that it should continue to update as you add things online, but I do not know for sure.

      The meetings services people are really busy this time of year, but if we do have a few questions that we can’t figure out ourselves, I would be happy to compile them into an email and ask for clarifications before we all head to Chicago.

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