2015 junior theorists symposium (jts) schedule

As a follow-up to Dan’s posting of the Junior Theorists Symposium’s call for papers last year, here is the recently released schedule. By the looks of it, 2015’s event promises to live up to the JTS’s reputation as a lively and thought-provoking way to kick off the ASA meetings. The event is open to all.*

Junior Theorists Symposium
University of Chicago
Social Sciences Room 122
August 21, 2015

8:30 – 9:00 | Coffee and Bagels
9:00 – 10:50 | Race and Gender
Clayton Childress (University of Toronto) – “Cultures of Inequality: The “Double Match” of Race
and Meaning”
Jason Orne (University of Wisconsin – Madison) – “A Theory of Sexual Racism”
Sarah Mayorga-Gallo (University of Cincinnati) – “Diversity as Ideology in Multiethnic Spaces”
Discussant: Patricia Hill Collins (University of Maryland)
10:50 – 11:00 | Coffee
11:00 – 12:50 | The State and Globalization
Anna Skarpelis (New York University) – “Insidious Racialization: Welfare State Development in
20th Century Germany and Japan”
Ana Velitchkova (Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies) – “Multiple Language Carriers
and Status: Political Organization and Embodied Competences in the Global Esperanto Field”
Jeffrey Weng (University of California – Berkeley) – “Linguistic Modernity: The Limits of Ideology
and State Power in the Creation of Modern Standard Languages”
Discussant: George Steinmetz (University of Michigan – Ann Arbor)
12:50 – 2:00 | Lunch
2:00-2:30 | Junior Theorist Award: Claire Laurier Decoteau and Isaac Arial Reed
Claire Laurier Decoteau (University of Illinois – Chicago)
2:30 – 4:20 | Culture
Larissa Buchholz (Harvard University) – “The Rise of China in the Global Art Auction Market: A
Global Field Analysis”
Brad Vermurlen (Notre Dame) – “The Production of Marginal Culture: The Case of Calvinist Hip-
Natalie B. Aviles (University of California – San Diego) – “Moving targets in the ‘War on Cancer’:
toward a pragmatic event-based theory of organizational culture in the National Cancer Institute”
Discussant: Gary Alan Fine (Northwestern University)
4:30 – 5:45 | After-panel: On Abstraction
Kieran Healy (Duke)
Virag Molnar (The New School)
Andrew Perrin (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Kristen Schilt (University of Chicago)
5:45 – ? | Theory in the Wild: Beer, wine, and good conversation (off-site)
*In order to facilitate planning, the organizers request that folks please RSVP by sending an email to juniortheorists@gmail.com with the subject line “JTS RSVP” and suggest an on-site donation of $20 per faculty member and $10 per graduate student to cover event costs.

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