the hociological imagination

A story about sociology’s past from Ralph Turner’s son [HT: Brayden]:

At the San Francisco Hilton in 1969, as Ralph stepped forward for his ASA presidential address, the crowning moment of a storied career, an energetic group of radical sociologists streamed down the aisles and took the stage. They announced that Ho Chi Minh had died that day and instead of listening to mainstream sociology we would have a memorial for Ho! Ralph handled the crisis with surprising grace: tipped off in advance, he had booked another ballroom. Thus Ho Chi Minh in one room, Ralph Turner in another.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

One thought on “the hociological imagination”

  1. Not everyone was given a room at the 1969 ASAs:

    A dozen UC Berkeley women graduate students had obtained a room, not at the ASA hotel, the San Francisco Hilton – the ASA wouldn’t let us meet there, but in the basement of Glide Memorial Church nearby. Once there, I felt lucky to have learned of the meeting that I had not heard of before leaving NYU for San Francisco. Anticipation filled the room. I’m not good at estimating numbers, but Carol Brown recalls about 200 of us being there (p. 47).

    Pamela Ann Roby, “The Women’s 1969 Sociology Caucus, Sociologists for Women in Society and the ASA:A Forty Year Retrospective of Women on the Move”

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