very cross words

The NYT always has some gimmick with its Thursday crossword puzzle (the app store package of Thursday puzzles are called “Tricky Thursdays”).  This past week’s took my beloved and me twice as long as usual to complete it, even though the clues themselves were ostensibly not that difficult, because it turned out the trick was really tricky. For us, the trickier the better, so we found the puzzle gratifying once we solved it. However, it turns out there was a whole online outcry against it. Example:

This is not the puzzle I needed today. It’s 9/11, and the memorials have already started, broadcast on TV. I’m planning to view the light towers illuminating the skyline tonight, which I can see from my home. Frankly, to run this puzzle today is an abomination of insensitivity.

In any event, if you’re a cruciverbalist and feeling suitably psychologically robust, I recommend going for it. (The NYT did recently increase the cost of their crosswords to $7 a month, which is still a great price for us, but I think you can get a month free, which access to all the archives, and then cancel.)

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

5 thoughts on “very cross words”

    1. SPOILER:
      Jr jrer ernyyl guebja ol gur snpg gung bar bs gur rneyl nafjref jr svyyrq va arne gur zvqqyr jnf RNEGU (nantenz bs URNEG) naq gura jr unq n pbhcyr yrggref bs URNEG svyyrq va gb n arneol svir yrggre. Ohg nsgre gung jr ernyvmrq gung gur vffhr jnf gung gur npebff naq qbja yrggref jrer qvssrerag, naq rira unq gur vqrn gung vg unq fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu orvat gur urneg bs gur jbeq, ohg jr fgehttyrq gb cva vg qbja. Dhvpx jbex bapr jr qvq, nf gur pyhrf jrer bgurejvfr zber ng gur Ghrfqnl yriry.

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  1. I could tell basically what was happening but could not figure out the rule about how to pick the correct answer without getting correct/incorrect feedback from Across Lite,so found it annoying rather than charming. As regards the encrypted replies, I recognize this is a technique for hiding spoiler information (and also for hiding trollish remarks) but I don’t know how to decrypt it.

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