socsters are doin it for themselves

Kieran has scraped and redone the ASA meeting online schedule so that one can easily add sessions to one’s calendar. In addition to making it easier to navigate the meetings, he has perhaps also spared us a round of lavishly dubious explanation for why something has to be the way that it is and why it would cost exorbitant amounts to be any different. That is: a larger parable might be drawn, but I have a course to prep and some fùtbol to cheer, so you’re on your own.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

5 thoughts on “socsters are doin it for themselves”

  1. I’m not sure why it wasn’t done before I asked, but ASA responded by early today Monday to an inquiry I sent Friday about this. So I think we should retract the ASA-slamming, or at least reduce it.


    1. Kieran’s post is definitely worth reading! Very funny and great to have the actual data. Looks to me like it wasn’t just competition, but a short-cut to how to do it that helped the AllAcademic developer! Since Kieran does not have comments enabled on his own blog, I’ll say here that it is easier for me to import all my selections at once rather than one at a time because of the clunky nature of Google Calendar’s import function, but I also think that if I’d had Kieran’s option in July when I was first reviewing the schedule to make my travel plans, I might have used his instead.


  2. it is easier for me to import all my selections at once rather than one at a time because of the clunky nature of Google Calendar’s import function

    Yes, absolutely—the difference between me and the ASA here is that the ASA’s site is backed by a proper database that the webpage can query, so it can easily do things that I cannot, like bundle all the events associated with or chosen by a particular user into a single .ics file.


  3. So I’ve been in communication with Jamie Arca at ASA. He says the feature was already there on the ASA’s web site, but they were waiting to turn it on until the rooms were live. It was an oversight that it had not been turned on, and that is why it was so easy to fix the problem in response to either my email or Kieran’s effort, whichever stimulated it first. But yes, I agree, different people will have different ways of working. I hope it is obvious that I wasn’t griping about Kieran’s (your) self-help volunteer service to the profession!!


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