is jeremy blogging again?

As you may know, I used to blog regularly. Blogging’s much different than it was before Facebook and Twitter, but it’s a medium for which I have great nostalgia: inter alia, it’s how I met my wife. Then I mostly stopped, except for the occasional pissy missive about something. After which I quit posting entirely.

So what’s up with this sudden flurry of posts? Am I blogging again?

Ha. For all either of us know, I’ve already stopped. I wrote this days ago and queued it up in WordPress to post.

If I do end up keeping with this for any length of time, it will only be because of post-queueing. I can only presume Fabio, as close to Cal Ripken as we get in sociology blogging, post-queues. But I did write a couple “for immediate release” posts about the hurricane name study last week, and I’ve decided it feels weird not to distinguish between “live” posts and “canned” posts.

Not to pretend you care (or even, this far into the post, exist), but if you do and do, posts I queue will go off on the hour. So the timestamps of 100% of queued posts will end in :00 (unless I forget), while the timestamps of 98.3% of live posts will not. So a little mystery remains, which could actually be turned into a nifty little Bayesian statistics exercise, but that’s for another day, presume there even is another day. Ciao.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

9 thoughts on “is jeremy blogging again?”

  1. Thanks, Andy. It’s telling perhaps that in the post where I explain the wonders of post-queueing, I screw it up so it appears exactly the same time as another post. And on a Saturday, to boot. Oh well, the writing is good exercise.


  2. That’s great. If you have 5 extra minutes could y’all add Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons, and have them Tweet automatically? That is, if you’re going to keep writing. Thanks!


    1. I’d be happy to add the Facebook and Twitter buttons, if I can figure out how to do it. If anybody with a blog has any clues, let me know.

      We’re using a very old custom template at this point, and could just switch to a newer template, although I might have to demonstrate to myself more that I’m going to keep that up to fret too much about that yet.


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