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I got an email from a former student who is now working in an employment program and asked me about research on the problem that victims of domestic violence sometimes lose their jobs due to victimhood. She’s asking me for relevant research. We know about Matt Desmond’s work on victims of domestic violence getting evicted, but I’m not the right person to know the research on the employment link. So, Scatterplotters, can you help?


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    Lisa Brush at Pittsburgh is the expert on this. Her own book is great, but she also knows just about everything ever written.


  2. kenkolb
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    Here’s a quote I’ve used before that might offer a clearer picture of how navigating the criminal justice system can make it hard for victims of DV to keep their jobs:

    “To appear in front of the judge for numerous one to four minute hearings, and one 13-minute hearing, [the victim] has taken half and whole days off work on several occasions. Without knowing how long she will be waiting on Thursday, coupled with sudden notice to appear for subsequent hearings, it has been difficult to give her employer sufficient notice that she will be absent” (Adams 2009:206).

    Adams, Jill. 2009. “The Civil Restraining Order Application Process.” Ethnography 10(2):185 –211.


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    Thanks for the quick help! If anyone else has suggestions, they are still useful.


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    Here are a few citations. I’m not claiming that these are the best or most recent, but they might be a start.

    Riger, S., S.L. Staggs, and P. Schewe. 2004. “Intimate Partner Violence as an Obstacle to Employment among Mothers Affected by Welfare Reform.” Journal of Social Issues 60: 801 – 818.

    Tolman, R. 2011. “Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Economic Well-Being”



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