it gets better, but only if you stay away from people like these

Happy Superbowl Sunday! My hometown team, the San Francisco 49ers, is in it this year, and they are my 3rd favorite hometown sports team (after the Giants, and the Sharks. In that order, if you must know). So, I’m hosting a gathering, and I’m cheering for my team, and then WTF–the 49ers go all homophobic on me:

Culliver was asked if there were any gay players on the 49ers.”We don’t have any gay guys on the team,” Culliver said. “They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can’t be with that sweet stuff.”

Well, apparently the 49ers do, or at least did, have gay men on the team. Chris Culliver was responding to the news of a retired teammate, Kwame Harris, who was arrested for domestic violence, for hitting a boyfriend (ex-boyfriend?) and sending him to the hospital with a broken face.

In the aftermath of this, two more 49ers have denied participating in one of Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” videos, which are aimed at LGBT youth. When shown the video, the players had no further comment.

The only positive to come out of this, so far, is a Superbowl rival Balitimore Ravens ‘ player’s decision to stake out a more welcoming stance. Brendon Ayanbadejo has spent the last few days promoting LGBT rights and proclaiming the Ravens locker room a save haven for gay players.

Chris Culliver, on the other hand, was encouraged to do a non-apology apology and do some work with LGBT youth. Those poor kids! What did they do to deserve that punishment?

2 thoughts on “it gets better, but only if you stay away from people like these”

  1. I am very happy for Brendon Ayandbadejo and his new Superbowl ring. He deserves it.

    The anti-gay players on the 49ers can join their homophobic friends in watching public opinion drift away from their ideas, leaving them to play the role of the embarrassing uncles and grandpas of the next generation’s holiday gatherings.


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