the celarent reviews

Quick question – what’s the deal with the “Barbara Celarent” reviews from 2050 in AJS? I find them opaque and have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing. What am I missing? Is it some elaborate inside joke and I’m on the outside?

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

4 thoughts on “the celarent reviews”

  1. Very good point. The books reviewed in those pages – that is, sociology created outside of the US, and the current era – are worthless. Better get ‘em out of the pages of the American J of S, before we get too ecumenical…


  2. Personally I *love* the Barbara Celarent reviews. I find the style and tone quirky and fun (even if they can be opaque) and I think it’s a great opportunity to get reviews in from books that are important but often unlikely to find their way into AJS (or my field of vision) other ways.

    And even if nobody gets them and they serve no purpose, Andy clearly is enjoying it. Given the amount of time he has spent on the more serious side of the journal, I’d say that’s reason enough alone.


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