kid’s view of the election

When I woke Kid up this morning, his first words to me were “Did Obama get 270?” Then, questions about the popular vote, Ohio, and Florida. I hadn’t really gotten the sense that he was such a political nerd, but now I see the signs were there all along.

Four years ago, I tried to explain to my 4-year-old why I was so excited about Barack Obama becoming president. I did that thing parents do, trying to pack a U.S. History textbook and an Intro to Sociology course in a few sentences targeted to a pre-schooler, and Kid came away from the conversation thinking that Republicans don’t like to share and that they are mean to people with dark skin for no good reason. It was the best I could do. Then we made a cake to celebrate Inauguration Day:

I didn’t know that Kid was paying much attention to the election this year. After all, we’ve been busy. Our favourite baseball team just won the World Series, he plays hockey 3-4 times a week, and his bedtime is early enough that all the debates and any TV news we might watch happen after he is asleep.

But yesterday to my surprise, he came home from school at 5pm and very matter of factly asked if I was ready to make the Obama cake for election night, and did I have all the ingredients? Including frosting? And so we baked. Here is Kid in action:

So, we had waffles for breakfast this morning (on a school day!), and we will have cake tonight. I see that Forbes has an article up claiming that the Millenial Generation was influential in this election. I can’t wait to see what Kid’s generation will do.

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