more on the fbi

Richard Swedberg just sent me a note about a book which explores the role of the FBI in surveilling American sociologists (chapters on DuBois, Burgess, Ogburn, Lynds, Frazier, Sorokin, Parsons(!!!), Blumer, Stouffer, Mills, and Sutherland). I have not read it. But those interested might check it out… It’s “Stalking the Sociological Imagination” by Mike Keen.

One thought on “more on the fbi”

  1. “The informant also claimed that he has ascertained that matters of importance to the [Harvard Department of Social Relations] were settled at nightly meetings called by Parsons, and that this was a known Communist Party technique, since Parsons and his cohort knew that busy professors would not be in a position to attend hastily called evening meetings.”
    From page 126 of the Keen book.


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