more on the fbi

Richard Swedberg just sent me a note about a book which explores the role of the FBI in surveilling American sociologists (chapters on DuBois, Burgess, Ogburn, Lynds, Frazier, Sorokin, Parsons(!!!), Blumer, Stouffer, Mills, and Sutherland). I have not read it. But those interested might check it out… It’s “Stalking the Sociological Imagination” by Mike Keen.

1 thought on “more on the fbi”

  1. “The informant also claimed that he has ascertained that matters of importance to the [Harvard Department of Social Relations] were settled at nightly meetings called by Parsons, and that this was a known Communist Party technique, since Parsons and his cohort knew that busy professors would not be in a position to attend hastily called evening meetings.”
    From page 126 of the Keen book.


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