nc’s awful amendment one

It appears that, despite lots of work and fundraising by the forces of good and reason, my (adopted) state will allow its redneck-goober id to prevail over its progressive-sophisticated superego tomorrow. This despite the fact that the amendment’s sponsor said:

he wanted a more narrowly worded amendment but was “overruled” by “national experts” he identified as the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal advocacy group.

…and the state’s most respected polling firm demonstrated that people who actually understand the amendment oppose it by a greater margin than the state as a whole supports it. The state’s big-business community has come out against the amendment, and the Republican speaker of the state house has said he expects the amendment to be repealed within 20 years, acknowledging that anti-gay bigotry will no longer be a mobilizing issue once another generation of young people are in the electorate.

In the meantime, though, the rest of us are left ashamed of our state.

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

4 thoughts on “nc’s awful amendment one”

  1. I agree that this amendment – and now, its outcome – is disgusting.

    Given that North Carolina is a valuable swing state that can overwhelmingly pass a referendum like this, perhaps this is why Obama and Axelrod have yet to “evolve” his views on same-sex marriage. Obama won NC in 2008 by only 14K votes, so every vote outside of the Democrat base he can procure is vital. Further, other key swing states (e.g., MO, VA, IN) strike me as similar to NC.

    With the current presidential polls in a statistical dead heat, particularly after this referendum, I’m inclined to grit my teeth and tolerate Obama’s stalled “evolution” for six more months. However, I wonder if the recent endorsements from VP Biden and Arne Duncan were a part of some blatant strategy (“testing the waters”, signaling to social liberals), or whether those two were “going rogue.” Regardless, I can’t imagine that this is an issue that Obama wants dominating news-cycles.


  2. Here’s a post that came through my FB feed that makes a similar point in generational terms:
    Written by a young evangelical woman, the title is “how to win a culture war and lose a generation” with the boldface point: “my generation is tired of the culture wars.” She says the church is losing the next generation through its war against gays and lesbians, that the major stated reason young people exit their churches is hostility to GLBT people.


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