asa baseball is back

You might think that we have abandoned the scatterplot tradition of organizing a trip to a baseball game during the ASA, but no! The ASA’s move to Las Vegas foiled our plans last year, but we are back on track in 2012, and I am especially excited because I have never, ever been to Coors Field. Ohmigodimgonnadieofexcitement!

I am tempted to suggest the Sunday afternoon game (a day game? in a new stadium? *breathe, breathe*), even though we would need to buy the tickets before the ASA program comes out, as we always do. However, I am willing to be talked down from that plan–here is the schedule. So, who is joining me?

We can chat in the comments about when a good time would be. I’ll be at the Sexualities mini-conference that starts on Wednesday Aug 15, so there are a lot of games to choose from. I’ll buy a group of tickets for anyone who wants one, and you can pay me back thru PayPal. Just send me an email to fetner @

I am very serious that I do not need to know you personally. If you are reading this and would like to go to the game, I want you to join us. Can someone who has signed up as a stranger in past years please vouch for this in the comments? People feel shy arranging meetups over the internet.

UPDATE: I was so dizzy with baseball fever when I wrote this that I forgot to mention that Coors Field is in downtown Denver. It’s only a 22-minute walk from the conference.

12 thoughts on “asa baseball is back”

  1. I’m down with going to a baseball game Thursday night if everyone else is okay with it. The advantage of doing a Thursday night game is that it wouldn’t interfere with receptions, but whatever, I’ll miss receptions to go to the game if that’s what the majority wants to do.


    1. Brayden, I can see how Thursday night has advantages, if people will have arrived in Denver in time. I seem to remember a lot of Friday or early Saturday arrivals last year. Maybe Friday night would work better?


  2. We have a party of 8 gathered so far, but some disagreement over Thursday, when we know it won’t conflict with other ASA events, and Friday, when we know everyone will be in town. Make your preferences known!


  3. You are getting slow in your old age, Drek. But you are in.

    Friday is emerging as the top choice for game day. 6:40pm vs. the Florida Marlins. Speak now or forever hold your peace. Or buy your own ticket separately and meet us there…no big whoop.


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