It’s humbling to go to the library every once in a while. Standing in the stacks reminds you of all the things you don’t know – regardless of whether you think of these as the things you have left to learn, the things you’ll never know, or the things that others don’t know either so you’re clearly not all that inferior. If you’re too lazy busy to walk to the library, watching this video might suffice.

Edited to add: Apparently BBC blocked the video. UK readers are still able to see it (part of the “Super Smart Animals” program) here.

3 thoughts on “humbling”

  1. That is amazing, humbling and guilt inducing. Is there any remaining justification for keeping chimps in captivity? We should immediately set them all up in lush jungles with whatever they want and ask their forgiveness. Same: marine mammals.


  2. “This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    Seems appropriate to the original post; just in a different way.


  3. I was able to watch the video before it got blocked. It shows a chimp who is able: (1) to know what order numbers go in and hit them in order and (2) remember, based a VERY SHORT presentation (like a second or two), where on the screen the digits were in a random presentation of digits.


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