difficult dialogues

I’m teaching a new first-year seminar this semester, entitled “Difficult Dialogues.” Essentially it’s my attempt to instantiate a public sphere at the undergraduate level. I got them talking this morning, the first day of class, about what’s hard for them to talk about, and it worked great! Take a listen:


The syllabus is here in case you’re interested.

Enjoy the semester –

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

4 thoughts on “difficult dialogues”

  1. This is not the first time I’ve found myself wishing I was a student in one of your classes. I look forward to learning more about how this dialogue develops over the semester.


  2. I’ll be interested in how this turns out. Do you make some effort to generate within-team disagreement? I assume you’ve picked potential topics for them? Do you also do some pre-research or check their research to be sure they cover all the bases?


    1. Great questions! Yes, as I pick the teams I’ll be trying to make sure there’s significant disagreement on the way in, though of course there’s no guarantee. I will have a list of about 15 potential topics for us to consider when we choose topics later this month. And I’m counting on the full-class discussions and the multiple teams to provide cross-checks on the research, though I will informally do my own as well. I’ll keep you informed!


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