why occupy toronto?

Occupy Toronto has been going strong for a few weeks now, hosting protest marches on Saturdays and camping out in a park downtown, not far from Bay Street, Toronto’s financial district. Some might ask, why would Canadians want to participate in this movement? Canadian banks were subject to much stricter regulations than their American counterparts, and this meant that the subprime mortgage crisis, and the collapse of financial institutions that necessitated a more-than-major bailout stopped at the border. Canada didn’t make bad loans, our financial companies were not implicated in the mortgage-bundling schemes of Wall Street, and so our recession is not so much the product of Canadian policy as it is the result of our economy being so reliant on trade with the United States.

What is more, Canadian social policy is more generous than that of the United States, with universal health care, a much higher minimum wage, and a social safety net that resembles that of the United States before welfare “reform.” What could the Canadians possibly be complaining about? In a word, inequality.

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left-wing media

A friend of mine received the following request for an interview from a radio news program, who wanted an expert to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Wanted someone who could explain to us if this appears to be an actual political movement or just hundreds of teens and college kids getting together to protest nothing in particular? Do they actually understand what they’re trying to protest?¬† Is there a difference between a political movement and a movement for social change?

From the outside, they mostly just seem to be a bunch of uninformed, unemployed losers without much of a grasp on what actually is going on in the Country and I wanted someone to help us and our audience understand what is going on.

It’s tough to take the media seriously when they are playing a right-wing Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer from the initial email.

organizations, occupations, and work

NEW BLOG ALERT: The Organizations, Occupations, and Work section has started up its own blog. Check it out!


I think this is a wonderful idea — an ASA section setting up a blog to discuss ideas, convey interesting research in their area, and dialogue with the public. Check them out. Welcome to the sociology blog world, OWW!