godlessness pervasive in canada?

I don’t expect Canada to be anywhere near as religious as the United States, but these latest poll numbers indicate that only 53% of Canadians believe in God. The almost-half of Canadians who don’t believe includes 23% of people who regularly attend religious services, and a whopping one-third of Catholics. Given that the questionnaire is behind a $95 paywall, I can’t rule out wording issues, but even then, it’s quite a jump from a previous poll that put godlessness around the 25% mark.

3 thoughts on “godlessness pervasive in canada?”

  1. Absent from all coverage I can find about this poll is a description of the methodology. Ipsos has an online panel (http://www.i-say.com/). Online panels may tend to report lower religiosity than phone based or face to face samples. For example, lower mass attendance was consistently reported by online Knowledge Networks Catholic samples than by phone samples of Catholics (http://nineteensixty-four.blogspot.com/2009/09/nuances-of-accurately-measuring-mass.html).


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