world sociology rankings!

I didn’t know world sociology rankings existed, but I ran across apparently new 2011 results while looking for something else. Normally, I can be relied upon to take a close look at ranking methodologies and opine about them. Today, though, I am rushing to get stuff ready for ASA and these look like they have sufficient problems that I wouldn’t know where to begin. Nevertheless: if you believe 2 of the 4 best sociology departments are located in the UK, or that Canada has 3 sociology departments better than Madison, then, hey, these are the world rankings for you.

My own beloved employer manages to come in at number 45, behind the University of Illinois, UCSB, and UCSD, but still edging out the highest-ranking departments of New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, and France.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

One thought on “world sociology rankings!”

  1. Husband tells me that if you make any more snide remarks about Canada, he’ll be forced to write an excessively polite note thanking you for your attention to our country.


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