but it’s a dry heat…

Great news everyone! Things are really cooling off in Vegas. Today there’s a high of 107. But Sunday and Monday we’re looking at 101, and on Tuesday, the high may only be in the double-digits. What more could you ask for? A cool 99!!! For those of us arrive on Friday (me), I’m sure we’ll really notice the difference after that day’s high of 106. At this rate, I’m not sure how the ASA will find a hotter city for us in 2012, when no doubt we’ll be moved from Denver. But in this, I have faith in them. Perhaps we’ll again leave this land, finding ourselves in Al ‘Aziziyah, Libya (hottest day on record: 136 — in September). Or maybe we’ll help revive the abandoned city of Dallol, Ethiopia (average temperature: 94 — that’s all year people). The solution, of course, leaves the issue of what to do in 2013 — how can we keep topping ourselves? I mean, Atlanta to Vegas — that was a varsity play. But what’s the followup? I guess there’s always hell…

8 thoughts on “but it’s a dry heat…”

  1. With all the universities opening satellite campuses in the middle east, I’m thinking 2013 Abu Dhabi, Doha, or maybe…if I’m very lucky, 2013 Djibouti, Djibouti* (avg. high temp in August: 106 F).

    *Bonus round of Djibouti trivia: This was the name of this country from 1967 to 1977, when it officially became the Republic of Djibouti.


  2. Wimps! this is the land of eternal and omnipresent air conditioning. Indoors it will probably be 65 and thus make it impossible to dress appropriately to ever go outside in more than 85f. I hope you are all planning on sweaters and jackets. But it’s a safe assumption cabs are airconditioned too, and since there is no public transit in LV to speak of, the cabs are essential. With all the hot air being pumped out of buildings, I would guess their immediate surroundings are more likely to be 110 rather than a mere 100. When I try to imagine LV in summer without AC, I think of the ISA in Madrid in the 1980s (preAC for Spain) — people sat in sessions with a can of cold coke pressed to each temple, and lugged 1.5L bottles of water around and still the ambulance kept busy with people passing out. I doubt we’ll have the memorable drama — just the sense of being confined in a chilly cage full of other short-tempered sociologists. Somehow, I can’t see most of the American public sympathizing with our being forced to go to LV, regardless of the time of year.


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