preparing for the asa

If you see me at the ASA, would you do me a favor? Let me know if I have spinach between my teeth or toilet paper stuck to my shoe, okay? Also, I’d love to share a cab from the airport. I’ll see you all at the blog party on Sunday the 21st at 4:30pm in the Seahorse Lounge!

4 thoughts on “preparing for the asa”

  1. Can’t wait! While we’re on the topic, a reminder about me: I have very bad vision. Remember my blogging about my eye surgeries in Switzerland? Or, going to a conference (SWS) and spooning in lots and lots of sausage gravy into a bowl, thinking it was oatmeal? Yeah. So if I ignore any of you all, it’s not because I’m a snob. It’s because I don’t see well! So… I ask my for yearly forgiveness. Just say hi. I’ll eventually fill in the pieces (voice, topics, etc.) and figure it all out!


    1. I don’t know; it could work in your favor.

      You know how stuck up Shamus is. He went to one of those fancy elite private schools. Hey, that reminds me: did you read that new book about them?


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