interactive tour of the barnes

Back in the day, when I lived in Philly (great city!), I used to spend a lot of time at the Barnes Foundation. For those of you who haven’t been, it has perhaps the greatest collection of impressionist art in the world. And it’s collection is so weirdly displayed that it has a unique charm difficult to describe. The museum is moving from its home in the suburbs to downtown Philly (by many of the other museums). And folks worry that the place may lose its charm. We’ll see. I just made a trip down there again this Spring, before it closes in preparation for the move. Felt pretty nostalgic about it. Anyway, if you’ve never been, you can see what this place is like through an interactive tour on the NY Times. It’s not just impressionist art. In the main room, make sure to look at the Matisse, almost on the ceiling… Many of the paintings you can learn more about by clicking on them. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “interactive tour of the barnes”

  1. “The Art of the Steal,” a documentary about the Foundation and its move downtown, is worth your time. The major concern raised about the move, within the film, is not the loss of charm, but that the move is being accomplished through illegal means.


  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely check it out. Back in the day the discussion was basically that some neighbors wanted to shut the place down (rich neighborhood, too many people parking on the street). But that was 1999. Wow. 12 years ago. I’m getting old!


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