adventures in entitlement

This video is all the rage in NY right now. With titles varying from “Well-Educated Person Wrongfully Accused of Being Loud on Train” to “‘Educated’ Snob Berates Train Conductor for No Good Reason“. From the person who recorded this and put it on youtube, “This woman was talking too loud on the train when the conductor politely asked her to keep it down and stop using profanity or to take it to the vestibule. She jumped up and started yelling about how “educated” she is, proving the exact opposite. There was an announcement a minute later asking all passengers to please not use profanity on the train, “especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport.”

11 thoughts on “adventures in entitlement”

  1. I’m just quoting from the person who posted the video. “Proving the exact opposite” isn’t my claim. I think that person means that regardless of their credentials, they display little intelligence.


  2. The more I think about this, the worse I feel about it. Did this woman say some terrible things? Yes. But after reading SLACer’s post (from the trackback), I thought to myself, “you know… there have been times where I have behaved quite poorly.” Maybe not like this. But imagine the worst thing you’ve done. Then imagine someone recording it, your name being associated with it, and the world judging you on the basis of it. I’m not saying she’s blameless. But the one snapshot of her acting her worst is now how she’s known to the world. And that’s unfair. I kinda regret posting this…


    1. You’re right it is unfair. On the other hand, in this day and age of smart phones, you’re kind of asking for it if you mouth off to an official in a public and semi public venue because it’s bound to end up on youtube. So I would regret posting too much.


  3. The shocker for me really is: “I want my money back”. The “well-educated” bits, I can translate in French or British English conversational equivalents, but I don’t think I have ever heard someone on this side of the Pond asking for a refund because they got into an argument with the staff.


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