canada post on strike

Canada Post is on strike. There will be rolling strikes across the country until the union can reach a contract with the crown corporation. It is a tough time to be a union these days. But imagine being the union representing postal workers. They are fighting against the classic union buster: the two-tiered salary structure, but their only weapon is the strike, and in this case, the union is engaging in a rolling strike, in which one city after another will have a short work stoppage. Unfortunately for them, these days a postal strike is not much more than a holiday from junk mail.

Already, the editorials on this topic carry headlines like:

The union just has very little weight on its side. As the volume of mail decreases (and the volume of quality mail almost disappears), the cost of delivering the mail increases without the workers getting a cent more. I wish them all the best, but I don’t see what is going to prevent this rolling strike from just carrying on indefinitely.

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