the return of the nrc rankings

The much-maligned NRC graduate program rankings dropped quickly from many radar screens. However I was part of a committee that produced a detailed, very critical report for the ASA Council, which is receiving a bit of press. I do think it was important to note the dramatic deficiencies of the rankings, even though UNC basically did fine, if for no other reasons than to avoid bad reactivity effects.

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2 thoughts on “the return of the nrc rankings”

  1. I read the report and appreciate it. A couple thoughts occurred to me that I saved for this post:

    1. What is the value of measuring volume of publications, whether books or articles? Sure it doesn’t make sense to count articles and not books, but why count either? If no one is reading or learning from what you produce, it doesn’t matter. So I think the emphasis should be on impact rather than production.

    2. Reputation matters, too, especially for people considering a career and worrying about the value of their degree. But it is also a way of addressing the point above. Lots of problems with it, but reputation should be part of the mix, I think.


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