11 thoughts on “technical support ii”

  1. None of us have ever known what to do when that happens, but it seems to come back spontaneously. It is so weird–the space is set aside for the image, the link is there, the image file is where it is supposed to be. I suppose we could file an issue with WordPress. Any other ideas?


  2. Not to once again dash Tina’s hope of magic, if you add “https://scatter.wordpress.com/” to the beginning of the file name in the background property of the #blog-title a selector, then it is displaying for me.

    On the other hand, this could be a file problem if WordPress changed where custom files sit on servers and so waiting might magically return the header.


  3. I don’t understand what you are saying mike. Are you telling us to do that fix in the CSS for the blog, or are you saying you make that fix somewhere in your blog reader? This blog design was created by Jeremy, who tweaked a baseline theme.

    If we want to debug, we need data on who can see the banner and who can’t. I’m viewing it in Firefox 3.6, but just checked and it does not show up in IE8 either. Is there anyone who CAN see the Scatterplot banner at the top? The link still works, it is there, it is just invisible. This makes it sound like a bad font specification or some such.


  4. i compared the raw html for your index.html vs mine and yours seems to have a few lines missing. between the links for the “search” bars and the links for the “recent comments”, mine has this code but yours is missing it:

    	background: url(http://codeandculture.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/cropped-codeandculture5.jpg) no-repeat;
    #header h1, #header #desc {
    	display: none;

    what’s the name of the actual banner image file? i could search and see if it appears anywhere in your html or css


  5. I think this is the relevant section of the CSS

    #blog-title a {
    background:url(‘files/2008/02/scatterplot-banner_14z2.jpg’) no-repeat;

    Um, I don’t “do” CSS, so I’m not volunteering to fix this, unless there is zero risk of screwing it up.


      1. i don’t think it’s that. i used wget to get a local copy of your index.html and everything linked directly to it and then ran a grep for the word “scatterplot-banner_14z2.jpg”. this word (and by extension the rest of the CSS you quoted) doesn’t appear in any of those files. So I don’t think it’s a problem with the way the CSS is written but that it’s not loading the CSS at all.

        (note: it’s possible i made a mistake, but to test this i searched for things that i can see in your index.html file and they all showed up in the grep).


    1. OW- You are correct.

      Change the background property in the above selector (#blog-title a) to:
      url('http://scatterplot.wordpress.com/files/2008/02/scatterplot-banner_14z2.jpg') no-repeat;

      (this is what I was trying to say in my poorly communicated comment above).

      When I said “then it is displaying for me” I was using the debugging software Firebug that lets you interactively change the code on a website. Since I was able to change the code interactively on my browser; I *was* able to see it (but only because I manipulated it in my browser). Sorry for the confusion!


      1. Darn it! I screwed up again. It would help to have the correct domain name. Substitute “https://scatter.wordpress.com” for “http://scatterplot.wordpress.com/” for in my last comment and it should work.

        Maybe I should go hide under a rock for a while. Or, better, where ever the banner disappeared to…


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