ASA paper stuff, yet again

This is a question from a student. It looks like there is at the moment no way for a person who has submitted a paper to ASA to monitor its progress. Does anybody know otherwise? Is anybody aware of when/how a person will be able to do this. Based on past years, I warned students that the system puts responsibility for routing papers to roundtables on the second choice organizer, who (for logistical reasons I explained to them) often fails to do this, and that they need to monitor a paper’s progress if they want to be sure they end up in a round table if nobody else wants the paper.

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10 thoughts on “ASA paper stuff, yet again”

  1. I just explored this yesterday. Even though I’m not an organizer this year, logging in to “Access the Session Organizer” module brought up the tracking link that told me where my paper was and that it was under review. While I’ve organized in the past, I assume this would work for anyone.


  2. Does anyone know what the dates are for 1st choice organizers to forward to 2nd choice organizers, and for 2nd choice organizers to forward to round table organizers? I can only find the “final” March 18 date on the ASA site.


    1. Here’s the timeline I got from ASA (2/3/2011) —

      February 4: deadline for Regular Session organizers to request additional sessions
      February 12: forward all unused papers to their second choice
      February 25: final session listings posted in the online Organizer Module by paper session organizers (unused papers forwarded to Roundtables)

      Unsolicited whine: I wish the system allowed folks who have submitted papers to indicate their preference re: the myriad roundtable options (i.e., and not just whether to forward to roundtables at all), rather than relying on session organizers to decide whether to forward to the open roundtables or those specific to sections (and then, to which section). I’d be curious to hear how other session organizers are making assignments when forwarding papers to roundtables.


      1. I agree completely with the complaint re not having the paper submitter say what roundtable they want the paper to go to. And thanks for the dates — I’ll forward them on to the student.


      2. I’m not sure I understand Tina’s question. Yes you can list round tables as your 2nd choice, but in addition, you can ask to be forwarded to a roundtable if you are not accepted by either your first or second choice.


      3. I think what Tina is saying is right, that if you opt to not choose a second session, your second choice can be the specific roundtable that you want your paper considered at (family, religion, social psych/emotions, etc.).


  3. I organized a panel last year. Back then, there was no way to track papers as they moved from session to session. You would accept or reject and poof! The paper was no longer accessible. Of course, a few authors asked me about papers. There’s got lost and I had no way to help them.

    Until they redo the website, we’re probably stuck with that system.


  4. I’ve been able to track the progress of my paper through the organizer module. So far my paper has gone to 4 different sessions and that was in the last week. Its been quite entertaining to see where it gets sent….


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