cirque du socioleil

OK, I know the plan is for ASA not to do anything special because the conference is going to be in Las Vegas, and in fact currently ASA is planning to stick with the Chicago “local color” sessions — in other words, you can take a break from Blackjack and go hear this and that about the history or neighborhoods of the city where the conference would have been if not for a labor dispute.

But, how about this: in observation of it being Las Vegas, instead of sticking to our usual five timeslots for panels, we schedule them around the clock? (Granted, I know there are no clocks in Vegas, but I haven’t figured out a way around that.)

don’t follow the money

The latest issue of Academe, the AAUP’s magazine, features several articles on corporate and other “suspect” funding, under the title “The Conflicted University.” The articles are varied, and I don’t intend a critique of any particular one. But the overall causal logic is simple–too simple. The claim is that corporate funding (and also nonprofit corporate-oriented funding) necessarily corrupts the research it funds. Continue reading “don’t follow the money”