13 thoughts on “vegas, baby!”

  1. I’d guess that the novelty, fun and inexpensiveness of Vegas (both flights and hotels) will bode for a good turnout. If the world revolved around me, we’d go to Anchorage, but I’ll definitely take Vegas as an alternative…

    Also, Vegas is a place where a couple of “regional spotlight” sessions might be interesting, since it’s such a unique place. I don’t know if the ASA will retain some or all of the Chicago sessions. Since Nevada is a mecca for ‘vice’ industries such as gambling, and sex work, there is probably a lot of uncommon and interesting stuff to learn about.


    1. Yeah, it’s unfortunate that some people will have overlap with their school calendars, but that just makes us like political science (whose meetings start the Thursday before labor day) and economics (whose meetings start later this week) and anthro (whose meetings are starting the Wednesday of the week before Thanksgiving week). That said, the first day(s) of the year might be worse to miss than the days of those other meetings.


  2. Hmmm. The last time I was in Vegas was for a 6am breakfast in 1971. (We’d gotten up early to get across the dessert before the heat of the day.) It was a pretty unappealing place then. I guess I’m sort of interested in seeing it now, although obviously it has never been high on my list of priorities.

    Long ago, ASA was typically right around Labor Day. It got pushed back with the rise of August class starts.


  3. Average August high in Atlanta: 88. In Las Vegas: 102.

    (Coming in 2012: ASA does Death Valley – average high is 114, but they’ve got lots of hotel space open in August…)


    1. On that note, a big plus of ASA-LV is that we only have one gigantic place to try to find people in, instead of two.

      Oh, and it’s a dry heat!


  4. Given that you can get a room on the Strip for $29 a night, I really hope the contract ASA worked out doesn’t require we fill a crap-ton of conference hotel rooms at $199 a night.


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