22 thoughts on “asa 2011 up for grabs!”

  1. Somewhere where its not hot and humid as all hell in august. that eliminates anywhere in the south, texas and the east coast. Portland, Seattle, or Detroit would be great.


  2. I wonder how many decent options ASA will really have, given that many other conferences claimed hotels/weekends in cities around the country a long time ago.


  3. I vote Vegas. If I can’t have Vegas, give me Montreal or Quebec. But I have this sinking feeling we’re looking at Madison. Or Detroit.


  4. Do you suppose ASA is going to reimburse CBSM for deposits and such if they have to cancel their mini-conference? And if they don’t cancel (or move it), would anyone go?


    1. there are lots of other mini-conferences too: consumer studies, comparative-historical,etc. Also, SSSP simultaneous to ASA and draws from same crowd…


  5. Tina, on a more serious point, this is why I am a little wary of moving conferences, even if we sympathize with workers. Moving a major event on short notice causes many problems. Multiple conferences coordinate with us.

    Also, we’ve done this twice now in recent memory. Will vendors charge us more in the future because we have a reputation for not doing what we say?


      1. Incurring higher prices is also an ethical issue. By having higher prices for conference services, we’ll drive away people at the margin – usually graduate students and people of low income.


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