the whole university

I’ve been worrying a lot about how public universities will survive in tough political and economic times like these, and associated with that I’m concerned that universities (like UNC) are often “sold” to the public as:

  1. Low-cost undergraduate education;
  2. Exciting athletics; and/or
  3. “Innovation machines” for producing technical advances.

I do not dispute that  universities are all of these, but they are much more too, and I worry that we shoot ourselves in the intellectual foot by emphasizing only these three in underwriting the value of a public intellectual engine. Imagine my delight, therefore, to see the below video displayed on the giant screens at the Smith Center at the Barton College game:

There it is – the whole university in all its glory. Great job, UNC News Services!


Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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