on the other hand, this i did find pretty funny

Also, perhaps, uncomfortably accurate in places. Except I can’t get the embed to work, so I’ll just link here.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

4 thoughts on “on the other hand, this i did find pretty funny”

  1. as a political scientist, I saw this as less funny than the previous ones (or wondered if these things are just starting to get old). I mean, clearly someone has an axe to grind about quant methods and how they can’t have a life. Whatever. Living the dream, I say.


  2. this one is about English not Poli Sci so it’s a little less close to soc, but i think overall it’s better written.


    more generally it’s funny how this little piece of software has reinvigorated the mostly forgotten genre of Platonic dialogue. in principle there’s no reason people couldn’t use the software to act out, for instance, sitcom style banter, but every one of the four or five I’ve seen is a formal dialog. My guess is that people see these videos as analogous to the more didactic genres of blogging but realize that an avatar reading a blog post as monologue would be unwatchable. Hence they introduce Simplicio to get rhetorically taken to the woodshed.


  3. I found neither of them particularly funny, I’m sorry to say. They’re both based on the same anti-intellectual streak that privileges “relevance” over other forms of importance. They also make the claim that the disciplines are not really “about” what the prospective student thinks they’re about, which is really only true if you think you already know the field before you enter it. Sorry – too cynical for me and not consonant with my experience.


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