someone at the asa has a sense of humor

I found this earlier today while browsing the program for this year’s ASA Annual Meeting:

Right there on page 190:

Special Session. Post-Racial America?- CANCELLED

Well done, conference organizers. Well done, indeed.

3 thoughts on “someone at the asa has a sense of humor”

  1. I have not been able to comment over at SLACer’s site (comments seem to be disabled) so I’ll note here re unisex bathrooms that I was at first taken aback, then realized this is accommodation to trans people, an accommodation I approve of. As I’ve gotten to know a few trans people, I have become much more aware of and sensitive to how hard it is for some people to survive in a gender dichotomous space. I appreciate SLACer’s sensitivity to the fact that it was the men’s rooms and not the women’s rooms that were so designated. A lot of this could be made easier for everyone if men will just repudiate urinals and make all toilet facilities the same, with privacy doors for all. This would also eliminate the gender discrimination in toilet lines. I remember when women were not allowed to use swimming pools because men liked to swim naked. As far as I can tell, men did not suffer a great diminution in their quality of life when the times changed and they were required to wear swim briefs so that women could swim more. In fact, some young men are truly shocked and disgusted to learn that men routinely swam naked in public pools in the 1960s. I don’t think men would suffer all that much from having to take a few more seconds to relieve themselves, either.


    1. flaneuse at Context’s Graphic Sociology blog posted some really interesting designs for unisex bathrooms. They included urinals, but were designed to address some of the issues that you mention above. I think that the designs will be included with her forthcoming book with Harvey Molotch (which, as a side note, had the best advertisements at ASA: the publisher put little post-cards above each toilet in the restrooms adjacent to the book expo).


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