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Who is invited to the 7th annual ASA Blog Party? Well, you are, of course! Lurkers and commenters, readers and writers alike are welcome to meet up at the ASA Blog Party, Monday August 16 at 8:30pm at Max Lager’s Brewpub at 320 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, just a short (but smokin’ hot) walk from the conference hotels.

It is tradition, despite our best intentions, for us to meet up at a somewhat awkward space, perhaps too loud, or too crowded, or otherwise not quite right, but we always seem to have a good time anyway. Maybe Max Weber’s Lager’s pub will be just right. At the very least least, there will be beer and friendly faces. What more can we ask for? We are looking forward to seeing you there.

16 thoughts on “asa blog party”

  1. What is with these early leavings? The ASA is only 4 days long. We will have to have a toast in memory of all those who departed the meetings on Monday afternoon.


  2. I’m more of a Twitterer than a blogger these days, but I think I can make it. Maybe Tweeters need to have a separate party? Or perhaps the party needs to be rebranded as the ASA Social Media party?


  3. Perhaps there can be a separate area reserved for lurkers like me to watch the party unfold from a distance :)


  4. @6. I made a little noise about a tweetup at ASA but I don’t have the critical mass to pull it off. Was considering inviting my 4 tweeps to crash the scatterparty with me.

    I knew there was a reason I was staying over Monday night!


  5. Tweeters: welcome!
    Lurkers: welcome!
    Friends of tweeters and lurkers, who will provide relief to the social awkwardness of meeting online people IRL: welcome!


  6. Can’t wait! This year I’ll attempt to break my streak of showing up at the wrong bar and/or showing up after most people have left.


    1. This year, I hope to show up without a spare gallon of fluid in my abdominal cavity. While it was a good conversation starter last year, I think overall I’ll be more social without it.

      (See what you miss out on when you don’t come to the party?)


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