4 thoughts on “average salaries at 4-year institutions”

  1. I am curious. What do the very high salaries in sociology look like? My Canadian colleagues seem to think that American sociology stars are making a mint, but I have no info on it either way.


  2. I don’t really know the answer to Tina’s question. This Chronicle chart is too highly aggregated to be informative. E.g. economists make a LOT more than sociologists, as a rule, but they are lumped together as social science.


  3. you can look up the salary of anyone in the UC system who earns over $100,000 here:

    from this, it seems a top sociology professor can earn something like $180,000 to $220,000, with the usual full professor pay at UCLA and Berkeley being something like $115,000. the pay for the best of the best sociologists may compare pretty favorably to other disciplines: for example, in 2006-7 fields medalist terry tao ‘only’ earned $250,000 (though by 2008 this had jumped up to nearly $400,000).

    obviously since it only lists those earning more than $100,000 there’s no information on assistant and associate professors.

    economics professors are getting something around $300,000 it seems :(


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