the sequel is never as good as the original, but…

Monopoly has taken over my life. I could never have predicted what a 21-second game of Monopoly has spawned. A few tidbits for you about our “shortest” game:

Over 280,000 views on Youtube.
Over 125,000 hits on Scatterplot.
Re-posted on more than 60 web sites including Comedy Central’s Tosh-0 and many others.
It’s been viewed all but a handful of countries in the world.
We’ve made north of $50 in advertising revenue!
We’ve been approached for a speed monopoly t-shirt deal.
Someone is paying us for licensee use of the video.
It spawned a blog in response.
We’ve been on NPR and a radio program in New Zealand about it.

In the process of all of this, it has once again been proven that the combined users of the internet are smarter than me, as a number of folks have found shorter solutions to the bankruptcy problem. More on that here.

These people put us back to work and we came up with what we now believe (after exhaustive research) is actually the shortest possible game (barring simply quitting the game or completely unreasonable auctioning). Like a couple of other solutions, it only takes 2 turns per player and only seven rolls of the dice. It does not require any questionable strategic decisions. It is “shorter” than other seven-roll solutions because the players only make it about halfway around the board and the orange properties produce the bankruptcy. This sequence can be played in 13 seconds. Video, detailed sequence, AND blooper reel below!

Player 1:
(1) 6-4, just visiting, has $1500

Player 2:
(2) 6-4, Just visiting, has $1500

Player 1:
(3) 3-3, buy St. James $1320
(4) 1-1, buy Tennessee $1140
(5) 3-1, Chance, “go back three spaces”, buy New York $940
Buy 3 houses for each property, $40

Player 2:
(6) 3-3 St. James Rent $550, Player 2 has $950, Player 1 has $590
Player 1 buys 1 house on St. James and Tennessee, hotel on New York, $190
(7) Player 2 rolls 2-1: New York rent is now $1000, Bankrupt.

Note: The “Fake!” coda occurs because that was the most common comment to the first video on YouTube…

Blooper Real:

2 thoughts on “the sequel is never as good as the original, but…”

  1. Well done, guys!

    Of course the only remaining question is…which variation is the most likely of all the “shortest”?? :)

    Just kidding…I must admit that the nerds are a bit jealous of all of the fanfare that you are getting, but at the same time you guys started it all!

    Did you ever take a look at my proof page? ha


  2. I’ll leave the probabilities up to you! I did take a look at your proof page and I feel confident that based on that, there is not <7 roll solution. As for fanfare, I'm afraid it's all over. 15 minutes and out!


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