good grief

For those of you who do not have admin privileges, Blue Monster’s Monopoly post just went viral. Over 35,000 hits today. I guess we know what matters.

*Addendum by Tina: to give you some perspective, our blog stat chart got rescaled:

(I hope you don’t mind me butting into your post, OW, but I don’t know how to put an image into a comment. -TF)

Author: olderwoman

I'm a sociology professor but not only a sociology professor. I keep my name out of this blog because I don't want my name associated with it in a Google search. Although I never write anything in a public forum like a blog that I'd be ashamed to have associated with my name (and you shouldn't either), it is illegal for me to use my position as a public employee to advance my religious or political views, and the pseudonym helps to preserve the distinction between my public and private identities. The pseudonym also helps to protect the people I may write about in describing public or semi-public events I've been involved with. You can read about my academic work on my academic blog --Pam Oliver

3 thoughts on “good grief”

  1. The trickle-down effect of this is good for all of us and, naturally, the discipline. I already have a 5% boost in my pre-8AM traffic due to hits from that page (1).


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